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Navigating my first investment property purchase was made significantly easier with Rob Lee by my side. His responsiveness and deep understanding of the real estate landscape, drawn from his own investment experiences, were invaluable. Rob's negotiation skills truly shone through, ensuring I secured the best deal possible. It felt more like a partnership than a typical client-realtor relationship. I wholeheartedly recommend Rob Lee for anyone considering real estate investment.
Sergio O.
I needed a realtor to help sell my townhouse in TX. I live out of state and Rob was a lifesaver. It was my first time selling a house so he walked me through what to expect every step of the way. He made the process easy, even going the extra mile to make sure the process stayed easy!
Michelle G.
Rob helped us find our first property in the midst of this hot market. Many offers later, we got it done! Thanks so much for all the help and industry expertise, Rob! If you're looking to work with an agent and want someone with local market knowledge around DFW - Rob can definitely help.
Megan W.
It was a great experience working with Rob as he has been in the DFW market for a while and as a rather new investor in the current market, he has guided me through the entire process. For those who is looking for an experienced agent, feel free to reach out to Rob!
Jack L.
I worked with Rob for several months trying to locate the right property for a house hack. Rob provide insight and motivation to keep looking and researching opportunities. Finally found the right property and closed in January. Rob is great source of information. Willing to discuss ideas and go over the pros/cons. Very supportive of real estate investors and helping them grow.
Conan K.
Rob Lee was an incredible resource to have as a an investor and a realtor. I was a first time investor and he was helpful along the entire process. He made sure I was doing all the right things and thinking ahead so I did not get behind in the process. He was also motivating and engaged that I was starting my real estate process, which was invigorating, as sometimes the nerves of first time investment buying settled in.
Andrew D.
oday is our closing day. It is the first of many deals that we will be working on with Rob. He is wonderful to work with and he goes above and beyond to get a great deal for his clients. Rob is a fantastic communicator, not just with us but also with other realtors, lenders, title companies, etc. He provides transparency for all parties involved, manages every piece of the puzzle tremendously well and is committed to achieving success for you. He understands what investors are looking for and does his own due diligence before he lets you put an offer on a property. He is the type of person that tells you what you need to know rather than what you want to hear. For all these and many more reasons, I would encourage you to reach out to Rob to work with him on your next deal. You will not be disappointed.
Helen K.
Rob is absolutely wonderful to work with. It’s like having a friend on the “inside” that is working for you. As our Realtor, he helped us find the right house in the right neighborhood and for the right price. Every time we viewed a new property, Rob would perform a methodical inspection, looking for signs of problems and comment on the quality of construction, finish, appliances, etc. He also led us through multiple rounds of negotiation to get to a price we were comfortable with. In the end, we found the property that was perfect for us and are loving it so far.
Bhushan G.